Academic Information

Schedule and Curriculum

The Lighthouse Children's Home operates the Lighthouse Christian Academy - a registered private school with the Florida Dept. of Education.  Our school year runs from the beginning of August through mid-May plus a summer school session. Our school uses both the Florida Virtual School (an accredited curriculum) and the A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum, with whom we have achieved "Quality" status and accreditation.  Our teachers also provide individual tutoring as needed.

Academic Standards and Goals

Though we are a private school, we still use the State of Florida graduation requirements as the model of what every girl who stays through graduation must complete.  For those who wish to graduate they must remain in the Lighthouse until the completion of the school year in May.

We make no guarantees as to any girl’s success because she is the one that must do the work.

Achievement and College Testing

We do annual achievement testing (C.A.T.) and Juniors and Seniors are given the opportunity to take their A.C.T. and/or S.A.T. college entrance tests.

Acceptance and Transfer of Credits

The Lighthouse Christian Academy accepts the transfer of most other school’s credits and the credits a girl earns here are also accepted by most public and private schools as well as most colleges and universities.

College Scholarships

The Lighthouse has a college scholarship program for qualifying former students of the Lighthouse